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Tanex in The News | TVR

08 Feb Tanex in The News | TVR

In the first 10 years after 1990, the textile industry saw growth in the overall national economy. In late 90s, our country is ranked first in apparel exports, among Central and Eastern Europe countries, managing to overcome Poland. In 2009, textiles and apparel have achieved 30% of the national economy exports. Unfortunately, the crisis and competition from Asia bankrupted many specialized units. Tanex, through seriousness and professionalism, has managed to stand and be appreciated by the major European brands.

Romanian Television | TVR presented a special report on TANEX in a weekly show called “Afaceri de success” ( Successful Businesses) in 2013. 


Here is a transcript of the report:

Tanex is a company with 100% Romanian capital, activating in the textile industry. From about 50 employees and two production lines when established in 1999, it has now reached 650 employees, 14 production lines and a turnover of almost 15 million euros last year. In 2004, the company opened an unit in Vălenii de Munte/ Prahova and in 2009 a modern factory was completed in Bucharest, with an area of 7500 square meters and an investment of € 7 million. The company manufactures a full range of garments and knitwear for Women, Men and Children, the whole production being exported. The products quality and seriousness in dealing with foreign companies attracted elite partners in this field. Customers are renowned brands such as: Comptoir des Cotonniers, Lacoste, Lancome, Tara Jarmon, MaxMara, Massimo Dutti, The Kooples, Zadig & Voltaire, the great, APC, IRO, Batel, kook, Gérard Darel, Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, Paul & Joe, Bonpoint, Un Jour Ailleurs, Le Mont Saint Michel. It is not easy to reach such a portfolio of clients but when you respect your partners and contracts are delivered on time, without noncompliant products, satisfactions will follow. To be part of the select world of big European fashion brands, you always need to do more. Now, Tanex provides customers with sourcing, manufacture and delivery services for thousands of items. To meet the requirements of customer’s demands, departments were developed for products design, acquisition of raw materials and accessories, research and development, quality control services and transport planning. To meet the rising quality demands from its partners, but also to increase productivity, the company was upgraded with the latest machinery and equipment. Therefore, new design and automatic cutting technologies were acquired, together with special sewing equipment. Quality control is provided on each level of the production process including when receiving the goods. Thus each bale of material is checked before entering the cutting lines. After technical drawing, patterns and grading are done according to sizes required by the customer. Depending on the quantity for each size and style individually, markers are generated using the optimal combination of sizes to ensure the most efficient use of fabrics. Cutting is done automatically through electronic information transmitted from the design department. The component assembly is done gradually, depending on the complexity of the style. In the Knitwear Department, the buzzing of the modern knitting machines is never interrupted. Each task here is electronically assisted. Finally, the components are assembled, labeled, ironed, quality inspected and packed for export. Maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system - Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health is one of the main objectives of the management team, even if the company holds these certifications. Ensuring a stable work environment for the 650 employees is not the only social concern of the management team. Tanex is a responsible partner by collaborating with local authorities both in Bucharest and Valenii de Munte, in various projects related to kindergartens, vocational schools and sponsorship activities of orphanages or those related to the artistic activity of children. Tanex is the main sponsor of the Lauder Foundation in Romania and one of the founding members of the Romanian Textile Concept Cluster, supporting their effort and contributing to the development of the textile industry in the area.

Author: Razvan ONESA | Editor | Romanian Television TVR

You can see the original transmission here.

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