Tanex | Our History
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Our History

a success story

Tanex was established in 1999 with 100% Romanian capital.






production lines

The company has the advantage of being close to the European markets, with low transportation costs and a low lead-time for the merchandise.

leading the market

Our products quality and seriousness in dealing with foreign companies attracted elite partners in this field helping us to improve ourselves, expand our business and ultimately leading the market as a major player in Romania.

our success ingredients

The ever increasing area of services we offer, the level of quality we have already reached and punctual deliveries are just some of the factors which contribute to TANEX success. Some principles to be observed are:

and last, but not least we own our success to all our 650 multi-skilled employees and to our dynamic management team.

quick facts

From about 50 employees and two production lines when established in 1999, it has now reached 650 employees, 14 production lines and a turnover of almost 15 million euros last year.

Steady Growth


Production Lines

700% growth



1300% growth

€ 18 mil.


1000% growth

History Timeline

  • 2010

    ohsass OHSAS ISO Certification – Integrated Management System – Quality, Environment, Security, and Occupational Health.

  • 2009

    Tanex-Building A new building is set up, with 10000 sqm – manufacturing spaces, storage spaces, quality control platform, administrative wing;

  • 2007

    about1The working process is completely changed – transition from the "exclusively Lohn" production to a company which can procure on its own. Research and development, raw and auxiliary materials procurement, transportation departments are created;

  • 2005

    GarmHall A new garments manufacturing hall of 2500 sqm, at Valenii de Munte, Prahova.

  • 2004

    datasThe DATAS information system - for organizing and managing the production is implemented.

  • 2003

    tanex-52The company purchases a latest LECTRA graphic station.

  • 2002

    knitHall The new manufacturing hall is set up 1000 sqm, for knitted products – 700 sqm of manufacturing spaces + 300 sqm of storage spaces.

  • 2001

    New-Hall The first garments manufacturing hall is created; 4500 sqm – 3500 sqm of manufacturing spaces and 500 sqm of storage spaces.

  • 1999

    tanex-454TANEX is established with 20 employees.

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From establishing the company to leading the market.



    7 mil Euro Investment


in the news

“In the first 10 years after 1990, the textile industry saw growth in the overall national economy.

In late 90s, our country is ranked first in apparel exports, among Central and Eastern Europe countries, managing to overcome Poland.”

A Successful Company

“In 2009, textiles and apparel have achieved 30% of the national economy exports.


Unfortunately, the crisis and competition from Asia bankrupted many specialized units.


Tanex, through seriousness and professionalism, has managed to stand and be appreciated by the major European brands.”


Romanian Television – TVR | Business Reports

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