Tanex | Our Team
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Our Team

core values

Talent, personal development and ambitious targets are our team’s features.

Maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system – Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health is one of the main objectives of the management team, even if the company holds all these certifications.




occupational health

talent & ambition


At Tanex you will see garments manufacturing specialists, specialists in production planning, specialists in quality control, specialists in marketing and procurement on the domestic or foreign market of raw materials and accessories.

These are the people we hire, train and promote.

Quality & Flexibility

With a dynamic team of 650 employees, with a wide experience in the field, Tanex is focused on the continuous enhancement of the QUALITY of the products and on FLEXIBILITY in what concerns the requests of the customers.

Tanex has grown together with its employees



multi-skilled workers

Customers First Process

The processes to fulfil the requests are flexible to easily meet the special requirements of the customers.

Advance Management

Our company is able to develop thanks to the combination of forces that drive each department, each worker and to the competence forged at the heart of the organization.


Our Code of Conduct, among other regulations, promotes health and safety in the workplace, the observance of local and international law and the prohibition of child labour.

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