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technological innovation

One of TANEX´s most pressing concerns is the creation of an environment favourable to technological innovation in each of its manufacturing units.

The constant updating of technological equipment gave TANEX a degree of efficiency which places us among the most successful competitors in the sector.

To meet the rising quality demands from its partners, but also to increase productivity, the company was upgraded with the latest machinery and equipment.


Our Equipment includes:

  • Lectra System for pattern construction and production.
  • Flatbed Machines
  •  Overlock Machines with 3, 4, 5 threads
  • Zig-Zag Machines
  • AMF Stitching Machines
  • Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machines
  • Automatic Pocket Welt Machines
  • Sewing & Edge Cutting Machines
  • Blindstitch Machines
  • Bartacking Machines
  • Button Sewing Machines
  • Buttonhole Machines (Straight & Eyelet buttonhole),
  • Suction & Blowing Ironing Tables
  • Jackets and Blazers Final Pressing equipment
  • M1 & Sirix Software Systems for Stoll- 12E, 7E and 5E Gauges -Flat Knitting Machines

 Equipments Preview Gallery

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